Founders — Read this Guide on VSM to unlock explosive growth for your business

What is Video Series Marketing™ And why should you care?

Basically, the entire purpose of VSM is to create a narrative that stars your target customer, episode after episode, draws on humor, hope, fear, and introduces your product naturally into your target customer’s daily life.

Video Series Marketing is a transformational paradigm borrowed from some of the greatest filmmakers of all-time.

The idea is incredibly simple, yet hard to execute well.

And here’s where most of you will mess it up big time.

In fact, most of you reading this will be too hard-headed and dense to apply this simple system.

And so your marketing, growth, and sales will underperform.

If you are the sort of founder who thinks that product is everything and that you know it all, stop reading now and leave this website.

You are disqualified.

The secret?

You’re not the star of the show.

You want to be, and I get that.

But you’re not.

At least not in the show of your target customer.

Your target customer is the star of the show. And your product is the guide, the secret weapon, the trusted advisor, the game-changing, x-factor that “brings the heat” and helps your target crush it like never before so that he or she (not you) is the hero.

Simple, right?

But it’s a fundamental shift in attitude and positioning and will send ripples through your marketing, sales, advertising, customer service, product, and ultimately your growth.

Video Series Marketing™ is not just another tactic. It’s not just slapping a video on your blog, or Facebook page. It’s not shooting an “authentic” video like all the boneheads are teaching right now. It’s not shooting some absurd-premise, Geico-like ad.

VSM isn’t just adding video to your marketing mix or creating a video strategy.

Video Series Marketing™ is about creating an all encompassing narrative that jumps out of all of your marketing assets, engulfs all of your outbound and inbound marketing, and crosses all mediums and channels.

Video Series Marketing™ Is The Centerpiece Of Multi-Layered Campaigns And Commonly Are Paired With Direct Mail, Radio, Cable, Broadcast, PPC, SEO, Email, Word-Of-Mouth, Affiliates, Speaking, And More.

Video Series Marketing™ is a strategy and a paradigm shift.

But like all strategies, its value to you hinges on your ability to execute it effectively and scale it.

Below are four recommended ways to use VSM in your business.

1. Video Series Marketing™ For Acquisition

Stop lighting money on fire by relying solely on the "Spray-and-pray" digital advertising campaigns without seamlessly weaving in a Narrative Arc for your business and your ideal target customers.

Spending $1 million dollars on Facebook doesn't necessarily get you a flood gate of qualified leads.

It just means you spent $1 million dollars. And it might mean you need to fire whoever is in charge of making that decision.


Because your business needs you to invest resources for its growth wisely, carefully, and methodically. And there's no doubt that using VSM in your acquisition campaigns will result in the highest possible ROI.

Just count how many Star Wars fans there are and how long they stay as fans. Then count the Marvel fans, then the Bravo fans...

All successful multi-season TV shows and multi-series movies all have one thing in common - they all have a Narrative Arc.

Why should your business be any different?

People see themselves in a movie where they are the stars, and you need to be in that movie to keep them as your customers for life.

In order to build the Narrative Arc for your business, take a cursory glance at the seven archetypal with your perfect customer in mind.​

In Christopher Booker’s 2004 book, The Seven Basic Plot Points, he outlines the seven main archetypal narrative arcs.

They are:

Overcoming the Monster. The main character must stop the person or force threatening them. Example: Dracula by Bram Stoker.

Rags to Riches. The main character begins poor, comes into money (and/or fame, power, and love), loses it, and becomes a better person because of it. Example: Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.

The Quest. The main character takes an epic journey to find something, someone, or some place, running into obstacles on the way. Example: The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Voyage and Return. The main character visits a new world and returns home with a new perspective. Example: Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

Comedy. The main character experiences an escalating sequence of confusing but comedic events, which are ultimately resolved into a happy ending. Example: A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Shakespeare.

Tragedy. The main character has a flaw or makes a mistake that results in their downfall. Example: Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare.

Rebirth. The main character experiences an event that makes them a better person. Example: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

At Omega ROI, we help you create your perfect Narrative Arc for your business and your ideal target customers.

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2. Video Series Marketing™ For Conversion

Once you have a Narrative Arc, using VSM in conversion campaigns is the fastest way to unlock the "hidden gold mine" in your email list.

Don't overlook the list you have.

Chances are that you can uncover tens of thousands of dollars from that list by marketing the right offer to them with the right message to move them to the next stage of their buying journey.

There is no better way to lift your conversion rates from leads to one-time customers, one-time customers to annual members, annual members to raving fans, so on and so forth than using VSM.

This can be done in multi-video series for maximum results.

3. Video Series Marketing™ For Ascension

You need to understand that customers aren't for you to "keep".

They need to grow.

And if there's nowhere for them to grow from what you offer, they leave.

Use VSM in ascension campaigns can help you avoid losing hard-earned customers and increase ATV, LTV, and ARPU.

4. Video Series Marketing™ For Referral

Most business owners treat referrals as an uncommunicated expectation.

Do you feel like it's "bad" or "embarrassing' to ask for referrals?

Do you think that as long as you provide excellent services, your customers should refer automatically?


In order for your customers to refer, you need to give them an irresistible incentive, a deep enough motivation, a strong enough reason why they should refer you, all partnered with a simple, easy, step-by-step method for them to execute.

And using VSM can achieve that result better than any other tactics.

Using VSM in referral campaigns builds a higher level of trust between you and your existing customers because they can see you, hear your voice, and it's much easier to build trust when you are no longer a mystery behind the screen.

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