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What is transformational marketing and why should you care?

people love to buy, but they hate being sold. so stop selling. start transforming.

You love to buy, don’t you?

It’s not just you. It’s all of us.

We take pride in the life journey of striving for more power, opportunity, and impact.

We like products and services which give us more power and status, and we loathe those who detract.

We like newness.

And, we like the power of choice.

But you hate “being sold.” And you’re not alone. We all do.

What does “being sold” look like?

It’s transactional.

It’s where a salesperson on quota seeks to make a quick “buck” by focusing solely on selling you AND without learning at all about your needs and how you can be better served.

Yuck. It doesn’t feel good.

It feels slimy. It’s dehumanizing. And, it’s repulsive.

Transactional selling does a dis-service to the company represented, to the product, to the customer, and to the market itself.

Transactional Selling Breeds Doubt And Uncertainty And Harms New Value Creation And Gains From Trade.​

Markets are based on trust. Relationships are based on trust. Anything that matters is - to some extent - based on trust.

Most people are repelled by modern sales techniques, sales people, and sales language.

And can you blame them?

These high pressure or pure sales tactics are designed to force something down your throat whether you like it or not.

These folks have no regard to who you are, what your needs are, and what value you’re looking for, problem you’re facing, benefits you’d like to enjoy, outcomes you need, or life changing transformations that could be in store for you.

So, then, what is Transformational Marketing? And, why should you care about it?

Well, for one, transformational marketing is the antonym of transactional marketing and stands diametrically opposed to objectifying and dehumanizing a prospect into someone whose only purpose or use to you is to buy.

Transformational marketing, rather, is about understanding your prospect so well, understanding his or her needs so well, understanding the outcomes and benefits so well, understanding how - after you solve their problems - life will be so different that your prospect will be totally transformed.

Below are four main outcomes you'll get for your business by using Transformational Marketing.

1. Seen as an authority, Celebrity, Expert (A.C.E.)

Transformational Marketing is about ethically positioning your product as the solution to your prospect in such a way that it is a fundamental driver of changing his or her life fundamentally, profoundly, and permanently.

By using Transformational Marketing, you position yourself as the Authority, Celebrity, and Expert (A.C.E.) in your industry.

2. Build trust via value creation

Transformational Marketing is about changing lives by creating enormous value for your prospect at such a deep level that you establish trust and your new client pays, stays, and refers.

3. command premium pricing vS race-to-the-bottom

Transformational Marketing is about creating a meaningful business where you attract and work with dream customers who are happy to pay prices that you set since you’re such a transformational force in his or her life, they are happy to pay premium prices.

4. transform your business by transforming your customers

Transformational Marketing generates new customers that are happy to buy more often and more frequently because your solutions resonate at the deepest level possible.

You no longer have to worry about acquiring the wrong leads, low conversion rates, high churn rates, or low referral rates because your customers actually see your product / service as something they cannot live without.

A good test question to ask yourself if you have Transformational Marketing in your business is the following, “When my perfect customer wakes up at midnight dripping with the sweat of fear, is my product or service a part of the solution to his or her problem?”

If the answer is yes, great job.

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