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What is Embedded Marketing And why should you care?

embedded Marketing is probably the single most important new idea that you’ve not been exposed to and that could make you more money from more customer and from less ad spend (little to nothing) than any other acquisition tactic or strategy you’ve heard of or are practicing.

Embedded Marketing is such a red hot strategy and core component of the Omega Method that our lawyers quite literally begged me not to write about it.

But that just made me want to share it more because f**k lawyers, right? We agree on that one, right? But that’s a subject for a different time 🙂


What is “Embedded Marketing” and why should you care?

Instead of having (or paying) a joint venture partner to mail their list or relying on an affiliate who is buying PPC traffic to acquire leads and sell your product or service on your behalf, enter Embedded Marketing.

Here’s How It Works: You Simply Embed Your Product Or Service Into The Product/Service Mix That One Of Your Partners Is Already Selling To Your Target Audience. They Sell Your Product/Service As Part Of Their Normal Deal, And You Pay Them A Commission On The Back-End.​

So simple, right?

Your partner simply sells your product or service on your behalf to your mutual audience simply because it makes the sale more compelling, more valuable, or easier for your partner than selling without you.

You work out a deal to fulfill the service or product just as you would normally, but now you don’t have any acquisition costs, which means you have more resources to spend on acquisition in other parts of your business.

Pretty cool, right?

Finding these folks becomes the whole ball game.

Russel Brunson who is one of the fastest growing and most successful entrepreneurs of the last five years is a master of this technique.

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