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What is comprehensive and integrated marketing And why should you care?

Comprehensive and Integrated Marketing (CIM) stands in contradistinction to tactic-based, or siloed marketing, growth, or sales where teams focus solely on one approach without considering the “side effects” of one action or effort on the rest of the marketing, sales, or growth efforts.

CIM is a holistic and systems-based approach to growth, marketing, and sales.

CIM is also recognized or realized by efforts like lifecycle marketing and funnel marketing.

CIM is not a “campaign” nor is it a “plan,” but is a philosophical approach and strategy which is drawn from ontological mathematics (in which everything material and immaterial is connected by one language, mathematics). This stands apart from a mechanistic, atomistic, scientific materialism which pervades much of the current conversation and is an inferior and less accurate view of both mind and matter.

So if this philosophical principle is good enough to satisfy a theory of everything and unify all of physics, philosophy, science, and mathematics, then it’s good enough for marketing, sales, and growth.

CIM comports with our intuitive experience with running businesses (itself a good check and balance on a theory) that doing things chaotically and in isolation has less impact, is more costly, and drives less results than taking a comprehensive, holistic, and integrated approach.

CIM, then, is predicated on a superior view reality and theory. That means it should and you would expect it to drive superior results, right?

You would be correct. You want systems and CIM in place in your business. You want good strategy. And you don’t have time to waste on highfalutin ideas which sound like they come from the academy. You want results. That’s why you must implement CIM immediately.

CIM DOES NOT mean buying clickfunnels (though we love it) or using a CRM or email marketing automation or chatbots or machine intelligences or anything.

CIM DOES mean that you use all of these things in one context, map them out on one page, map out the four main sections of growth that matter (acquisition, conversion, ascension, and referral) and give them one metric to track.

CIM DOES NOT mean following data obsessively like a lot of the so-called gurus out there are teaching. It does not mean becoming a Lean Startup fundamentalist and using data as your primary driver.

CIM DOES mean putting your WHO at the center of your business, asking them SUBJECTIVE questions, building SUBJECTIVE buyer personas from interviews with your customer and drawing from direct quotations.

CIM DOES mean making your business more organic, more human, more intuitive, coming up with better hypotheses for growth, marketing, and sales experiments, so that you can use data to confirm your hypothesis, not be dependent on data for hypotheses.

CIM DOES NOT mean that data, lean startup, and automation are replaced, out-of-vogue, or bad. Rather that they are tools to be subordinated to your obsessive, humanistic, subjective understanding of your WHO.

He who knows his who better than anyone else can and will grow faster than someone who must first acquire data, then look at it and study it, then make superficial bets and hypotheses, then confirm or deny them, and then repeat the process. This is a slow, dumb, and wasteful way to grow.

Lean startup is definitely better than building stuff which no one used. But it is not an “ultimate” or “universal” growth template. It is a tool or a crutch for socially awkward and lazy “product people” (who we know are inferior founders to our Rogue Entrepreneurs) who would rather build than listen and communicate.

Rogue entrepreneurs know that the most important job isn’t product, price, market, team, or product-market-fit, or any of the shiny objects.

Rogue entrepreneurs know their only job is the business within the business, and that’s marketing and selling the business better than anyone else.

Not he who has the best product or service wins, not he who has the best market wins (sorry, Marc Andreessen), not he who has the best team wins, not he who has the best advertising or marketing or growth teams in place wins.

Not even he who is purest of heart wins.

The only person who wins is he who can outspend his competitor in customer acquisition.

Your number one goal is to build a business within a business and that business is marketing and selling your business. That’s it.

If you use CIM, you will leapfrog over your competition. If you use CIM, you will grow as fast as possible (faster than the speed of data). This is something that NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT!

CIM is your growth, marketing, and sales framework. It’s your blueprint. It’s your 30,000 foot plan that guides your 10,000 foot plan, your 1,000 foot plan, your 100 foot plan, and your foot by foot plan. Without CIM, you are “staying busy doing things” but your efforts aren’t scaled, they aren’t leveraged, and you are asking your competition to come in and beat you.

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