Attention: Business Owners and Entrepreneurs Seeking a Surefire Way To Build the Perfect "Story That Sells"...

Omega ROI Implementation Bootcamp

In just 48 hours, you’ll see the most valuable A.C.E. On-Demand Money-Making systems, tools, and strategies that transform lives and built top incomes and wealth LIVE and In Person at the Omega ROI Implementation Bootcamp.


Create Assets that Position YOU as the “Go-To” person and “Must-Have” in your industry so that you never have to give away value for free, you can choose who you work with, and you can raise rates and still have an endless stream of ideal customers craving to buy.
--- Nail Your NICHE (Market, Sub-Market, Niche),
--- Know Your WHO (Demo, Psycho, Psychic-graphics),
--- Know Your FBOT (Feature, Benefit, Outcome, Transformation),
--- Create Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

Create story assets that sell. You can use these stories to automatically, seamlessly, and effortlessly attract, acquire, convert, and ascend your ideal customers or clients into your business without doing the “selling” at all.
--- Hack an A.C.E. To See What Stories They Tell
--- Choose An Archetypal Narrative Arc For Your Business
--- Define The Character Of Your Ideal Buyers
--- Create Your Narrative Arc Story (Onto the Freytag Pyramid)

Create your video assets that sell. You can use these video series on your social media channel, in your daily emails, on your website, on your YouTube channel, on your podcasts, or on your webinars to turn on the sales switch effortlessly.
--- Create your 15-second, 30-second, 60-second, 2-minute, 30-minute, and your 60-minute video story.

Create systems and identify North Star Metrics in each of the four stages of business growth that help you identify, diagnose, and prioritize the most urgent, meaningful, and important business aspect to work on now to get the most return and impact. Then, plan your next campaign to meet your goals.
--- Identify Your Acquisition North Star Metric
--- Identify Your Conversion North Star Metric
--- Identify Your Ascension North Star Metric
--- Identify Your Referral North Star Metric
--- Plan Your Next Campaign

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