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A.C.E. Marketing Secrets

With the goal to help business owners just like you not only SURVIVE, but THRIVE in ANY economy, Preston Bates and Isabella Bates, the Co-Founders of OMEGA ROI, have published a new book called, A.C.E. Marketing Secrets, to teach business owners how to become an Authority, Celebrity, and Expert "A.C.E." and recession-proof their businesses.

The COVID-19 crisis has cost many business owners an unmeasurable amount of money, wealth, future, pain, and suffering. If you want to control your destiny, be optimally prepared, and never surrender to market conditions, social turmoil, or uncertain economic times, get your A.C.E. Marketing Secrets NOW by clicking the button below.

who we are and what we do

We Are A.C.E. Makers — Transforming Entrepreneurs From "Jack of All Trades" to "Queens & Kings of A.C.E. Businesses".

And Turning Any Business in Any Niche in Any Economy from a Replaceable "Nice-To-Have" to an Essential "Must-Have".

If you are a serious, gritty, and ambitious entrepreneur or business owner who wants to build the business of your dream and live life on your terms, you've arrive at the right place. You can rely on OMEGA ROI as a fortified business-growth compound where you have all the support you need to grow your business into 7 figures and beyond.

OMEGA ROI is an ecosystem that provides marketing, sales, and business assets, tools, and strategies for ANY entrepreneur to learn, build, launch, market, and grow ANY business in ANY niche. Throughout your A.C.E. journey, we offer a suite of information products, coaching programs, and consulting services to support your needs. Read on to learn more.

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information products

If you are new to the concept of "A.C.E.-iness" and are on low levels of your A.C.E. journey, we recommend that you start here.

You can get started by doing two things:
(1) Read our new (FREE) book - A.C.E. Marketing Secrets, and
(2) Study our training course - A.C.E. On-Demand System.

Preston Bates and Isabella Bates, the co-founders of OMEGA ROI, have curated your learning journey to ensure that you build a solid foundation first, before attempting to build your business empire and risking its growth potential.

Want to get started on your A.C.E. journey with clarify and confidence? Click the button below to get started NOW.

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Coaching & Memberships

If you want to get to your goal faster, look into joining the A.C.E. Entrepreneur Club and / or the Rogue Entrepreneur Mastermind now.

The A.C.E. Entrepreneur Club is a community where elite business owners get coaching, accountability, and strategic support. As a VIP, you get additional personalization and speed. By being a member, you'll execute faster, learn better, be held accountable, and be a step ahead of others who are doing things on their own.

The Rogue Entrepreneur Mastermind is for the Top 5% entrepreneurs who want to grow and expand their 7-figure and 8-figure businesses. If you want to be the movers and shakers of an industry, set the trend, and lead the way, joining this Mastermind group is your goal.

The Rogue Entrepreneur Mastermind group is limited to 25 seats, and they are all occupied right now. Waitlist is open. The A.C.E. Entrepreneur Club is still open. Click the button below to learn more.

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Agency service

If you are looking for an immediate injection of cash into your business to fund your operations or expansion, sign up for our agency services now.

While a cash surge event doesn't fix the root cause of problems, which is what we belabor in our information products and memberships, it can be an invaluable remedy to buy time (runway) and opportunities (expansion).

We pioneered and coined the phrase Video Series Marketing™. Video storytelling that increases business profits with maximum Return-On-Investment (ROI) is what we do best.

Several services are at full capacity. Some are still accepting new clients. Click the button below to learn more.

our founding team

Meet preston bates

From working with US Senators and Congressman to billionaires and academics to world famous entrepreneurs, Preston has been in the direct response marketing industry since cutting his teeth in politics in 2005, more than fifteen years ago and amassing a 95% win rate across hundreds of campaigns, mailing millions of pieces of direct mail, running ads on tv, cable, YouTube, and appearing in every major publication (including the front page of the New York Times).

But it was failing to parlay his winnings in campaign world into a technology business that inspired him to become a vocal advocate of direct response marketing practices in technology. Now he helps ambitious founders prevent downside losses, and turn one dollar into tens or hundreds of dollars with direct response marketing.

Preston is a graduate student of Economics at George Mason University.

our founding team

Meet Isabella bates

I'm Isabella Bates, and with my partner, Preston Bates, I have spent the better part of my adult life helping entrepreneurs and business owners tell stories that sell and do marketing that generates results so they grow their businesses with speed and ease.

You see, I watched many of my entrepreneur friends suffer with high customer acquisition costs and low conversion rates, bleed cash, and in some cases, shutter their doors.

If you’re like my friends and are currently struggling with a fast and sure-fire way to increase your return on investment on all of your marketing and sales efforts, then you’re tired of people who say they can help you but then aren’t accountable and don’t perform.

Poor results affect everything. It’s a profit-cancer. It’s one of the surest ways to bleed out your company and go out of business. Your product will be irrelevant if you can’t acquire customers and convert them profitably. That’s your number one job as an entrepreneur. And I’m here to show you that there’s a better way!